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Sooooooooooooo. My computers are broken (Yes both of them).

Desktop is riddled with viruses (with the most sudden and random attack evar) and i cant even get into windows anymore. 21gb of photos, gone, lost, forever (cuz I aint payin £100 to get them back).

And the laptop I only got fixed 3 weeks ago, was fixed with a dodgy harddrive that made farting noises and fell over. *harrrumph*.

So for now I only have net access from work.

Not much going on mind, work, work, band, work, and this weekend me and my darling wolfboi are going to stay at the Welcombe hotel in Stratford Upon Avon. Google is, its gorgeous! :)

Last week I had chronic toothache, had to have a wisdom tooth "popped" - and fir the first time didn't cry.

And my wolfboi made me breakfast in bed when I took the day off with my toothache - he's the bestest evar! And he wrote "I love you" in the snow :) I is lucky!

Thats it for now. Will update when I can

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penngwen did a meme about 20 random things, so I'm doing it to!! So, some things about me.

1) I also play violin, as well as bass
2) I'm part Irish, part Gypsy, but not an Irish Gypsy... ah well
3) I have 12 tattoos, 6 stars, 1 dragon, 1 pawprint with a "p" in the middle, the Heart-Shaped-Skulls logo from the Dogs D'Amour album, "Sixx" and "1958" on my wrists, and a flowery-viney type thing.
4) I loves tea. I drink far too much tea. And i collect mugs for tea. Current fave is a Miss Piggy one.
5) I love penguins! But some of you may already know that. I also loves wolves... ...And my wolfboi. =D
6) I have been neglecting my camera (not abusing it just not been doing any photography). This is after I spent nearly £1000 on the damn thing.
7) I'm trying to grow my hair. It used to reach my butt. Then I cut it. Now I miss it. :( Its currently nearly middle back length woo!
8) I can't cook very well...
9) I love to travel and don't do it often enough. Hopefully in summer we may travel to wales and live in a tipi for a weekend... (google eco retreat OMG its AWESOME looking!)
10) I can drive, but haven't yet passed my test. I love driving.
11) I've been to college 4 times, studied: performing arts (Dropped out as didnt think I was doing so good), Psych, Sociology and Philosophy (Had a bit of a breakdown and coulnd't catch up after being held at knife point at werk), BTEC Music (Quit cuz it was a waste of bus fare!) and BTEC Music...again... (Quit again for the same reason.) I just dont think I'm cut out for college...lol
12) I can fix most things on a compooter, especially hardware wise, thanks to working for PC World. Only, people don't trust or believe me to do such things cuz I'm a GIRL!
13) I have beef for supper nom nom nom
14) I prefer savoury foods over sweet, so no chocolate cravings, I'm more likely to crave a roast dinner
15) I loves Dinosaurs!! WRAWR! I like to say Teranodon wrong just because it bugs da Wolfboi
16) When I'm cold, my right nipple hurts. LOLZ
17) I have over 14, 000 songs on mah iTunes
18) I really really want a VW Camper van or a pick up truck.
19) I really should be working....
20) I will eventually move back to the forest with my Wolfboi. And I can't WAIT!

I tag whoever wants to do it.

And I really should start writing my book. Would anyone like to read a story about wolves/shapeshifters etc?? Cuz I may well make it a journal. We shall seeeeeeeeeeeee.

Also, my neck hurts.

Thats all. I go home in 6 minutes. WOO!

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My day continues to get better. My wolfboi just got given his redundancy letter... he'll have no job in 1-2 weeks...

Anything else the universe wants to throw at me? Why do you have to do it all in one day?!

Jan. 9th, 2009

Just as I was leaving the house to go to work, a car pulled up, looking at the doors trying to figure out which house was which. She pointed at our house and asked if I lived there, and I nodded, and she opened her window and proceeded to express her interest in buying the house out from under us, asking if she could nosy around and asking about the interior decorating...

I am fuming!! How outright RUDE can you be? She knew I was the tenant, not that the "LET" sign couldn't have indicated that enough, I have no idea how much the house is on the market for thankyou very much, and yes, you will have to phone the goddamn estate agents for an appoinment!!

I am so angry and yet worried... why do these things always happen? I don't want to have to move, I like living there, it was our dream house from the begining, we always said we'd live in that street and it was amazing that we got a break and managed to do so... this isn't fair!!!

What have I done wrong this time??

Add that to the fact work is going tits up, with people who really shouldn't be saying such thigns (As in managers) telling people not to talk to me (And another collegue as well) as we are "Negative people".

This is unfair! I come to work, do my job, keep my damn head down. I'm kinda sick of always being a victim of "Your face don't fit." because thats what it is. This new manager wants his "Perfect" little team, and I don't fit that criteria. Its exactly the same as what happened at PC World.

This sucks. *sigh*

Happy New year!!

Because I was too random/drunk/spending half of new years in bed I haven't yet had time to say this...



May it be a prosperous 2009 for you all!

Ours was a quiet affair, just me and boi and Jules Holland on TV, a bottle of southern comfort and the fireworks outside.

The people in our street are really quiet types, don't seem to celebrate much. I've only moved like, 2 blocks away from my mum, and when I lived there, New Years always involved half the street opening their front doors to let the new year in, and people standing out in the street wishing people a happy new year...

In our street, me and the wolfboi were the ONLY people outside. Being stared at by the neighbors over the road... well, I was wearing penguin pajamas maybe thats why....lol

We were stood outside watching the fireworks, and someone over the back of us set some fireworks off and they went off right over our heads! It was a bit magical for sure...

Poor wolfboi got a bit of a hangover yesterday, spirits don't really agree with him... but we didn't wake up till gone 3pm anyway! We went up to see my mom and get some of our washing (Our washers broked) and came home and he made Spaghetti bolognese for us - yummeh!! I have some with me here at work for my lunch... nom nom nom.

Anyway. Thats about it for now. Back to work.


Meet my penguins!!!

Image heavy...!!!

Penguin-nessy nessCollapse )

Oh. My. Gawsh.

There is an HOUR between calls. This is murder. I am so horrifically bored. I need something to do.

*twiddles thumbs*

Early birdy....

Gaaah. New Years Eve and I had to drag my butt outta bed at Stupid-O-Clock to go to work... where there is at least 10 minutes between calls at the moment... Not that I'm complaining, mind, gives me plenty of time to potter about teh intarwebs =D

I shall be celebrating New Years in my usual fashion - being at home with alcohol. I don't think I've ever ever been out for NEw Years. Doesn't really interest me. So it will be me, and my Wolfboi, and the bottles of Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort and Baileys and assorted alkeyfrol we have.

I have yet to finish my mission101_2009  list. Well I finished it but I keep making last minute little adjustments.

As this is x-posted to my other journal, I shall say:

fidgetstitch  readers can keep up with my 101 things in 1001 days mission over at teaferret 

teaferret  readers will already get all my 101 things in 1001 days mission stuff, but if you want to add my other journal you're welcome to - I'll probably post in both just to make things confusing, so that both lots of friends end up reading totally random unrelated crap. Sorry!! I'm just not that organised!! *facepalm*

Up to 15 minutes now and I haven't took a call... I hope its like this all day. at least I get to finish at 4.30 - hurrah!

Last night, I got the Wolfboi to sit and watch the Magdelane Sisters with me - a film I love. Its about 3 girls in one of the Magdelane Asylums/Workhouses - hard to believe that the last one didn't close until 1996.

Anyway. I'm going to readjust my 101 list a bit more so I can get it posted. Later, when I get home, as inspired by one of my new friends, penngwen I shall introduce you to my penguins =D I'm not even sure how many I have now, I just got another 5 for Xmas...!
I just realised I haven't posted in this journal since September...gah!!

I've decided to use this journal alongside the mission101_2009  project - which sounds like lots of fun. I'll post my list later as I'm still writing it.... it at least passed time at work!

Hello to all the new people I added today from that com - nice to meet ya! Looking forward to see how you do with your 101 things! :) 

Well, as I am at work, I best wrap it up for now, but will try and post often!

First post!

Hello, I am Bekki, or TeaFerret. This is a new journal I've made as I'm in the process of moving house, and it's really to document everything from this new stage in my life onwards. I have another journal on here, that is more for personal musings and is set to private. This one shall remain public, so feel free to add it.

Occasionally, i may pursuade my technophone boyfriend, Paul AKA Wolfboi to post here too, in my efforts to acustom him to the world of tehinternets.

We live (Or we will come October) in Stourbridge, in the Midlands. We're big music lovers, and I play bass for an all girl rock phenomenon called HotRoxx . I also love photography, and prefer to use Nikon, my current model is a D80.

Paul is an avid comic book/action figure/scifi geek, and has hundreds of action figures that have to be moved into our new home, somehow!!!

We both lov emovies, especially horror/zombies/mutants/werewolves etc etc. and have extensive collections - another thing we're not sure how to get into our new home!

That'll do for now I think. No doubt you'll find out more about us as the days go by.