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10 July 1984
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Bekki // female, 24 // music obsessed // pierced // tattooed //
// shutter bug // a little strange, but generally friendly // Penguin Mad //


Music // Nikki Sixx // bass guitar // tattoos // cameras // stars // friends
// gigs // Jack Daniels // Eddie Izzard // travelling // tea // hair dye // Penguins // The Forest // Wolves // My Wolfboi //


Motley Crue // Crystal Pistol // Kiss // Stereophonics // HIM // Dogs D'amour // AFI // Aerosmith //
// Nikki Sixx
// John Corabi // All About Eve // The Levellers // New Model Army // Dir En Grey // Gretchen Wilson //Kimya Dawson // The Cult // Type O Negative
80s music, adipose, aleister crowley, alphabetti spaghetti, archery, art, backyard babies, bass guitar, being confused, bill bailey, body modification, boho, bonfires, books, cameras, camper vans, camping, cats, celts, cheesecake, cider, comedy, computers, concerts, corsets, cuddling, del toro, digital photography, dinosaurs, dogs d'amour, download festival, dr who, dragons, dryads, eddie izzard, fantasy, feathers, ferrets, festivals, fire pits, forests, furbys, gigs, glitter, goddesses, gods, goth, gran canaria, green man, gypsy, hair dye, hair falls, hellboy, hobbits, horror, horseback riding, horses, hotroxx, html, ipod, ireland, itunes, jam, japan, johnny depp, juno, kathey reichs, kimya dawson, ladybird's uk goths, lollipops, london, love, magick, mead, mochas, monty python, motley crue, motorbikes, movies, muppets, music, musicals, mythology, napping, nature, nemi, nikki sixx, nikon, occult, orange county choppers, paganism, pagans, pans labyrinth, patricia cornwell, penguins, perfume, photography, pirates, pop will eat itself, ps2, pvc, rabbits, rainbows, rats, reading, red dwarf, red star rebels, religions, rock, rocky horror, rubber duckies, sblomie, science fiction & fantasy, sleeping, slipper socks, slr photography, snuggles, socks, spoons, stars, stone circles, swords, symbology, tank girl, tattoos, tea, tea ferrets, tea-serving-ferrets, the crow, the cult, the joker, the libertine, the occult, the quireboys, tim burton, toe socks, twilight, tyla, type o negative, viggo mortensen, vikings, violin, walking barefoot, werewolves, witchcraft, wolfboi, wolves, writing, x factor